Product Innovation

Product Innovation

Behind the products that make life safer, easier and more comfortable are complex production processes. Reliable and customized Verdex products and processes ensure that industrial enterprises are able to increase productivity thanks to smooth and efficient manufacturing processes.

Our high-quality solutions make an important contribution in heavy industry, processing industry, in equipment manufacturing and in the chemical and process industries.

How Verdex Can Help You:

  • Develop new innovative products and technologies
  • Optimize existing products and technologies
  • Perfect customer solutions delivering greater consumer satisfaction
  • Broadening market acceptance

Product Development

Verdex prioritize providing customers with requested products with maximum quality and minimal lead time. Typical lead time of off-the-shelf type products are 2 weeks. For newly developed products lead time is typically 1-2 months. Verdex effectively utilizes various communication method in our internal communication structure between marketing, R&D and customer service departments to encourage and develop seamless communication.

Developing and bringing new products to market efficiently, affordably, safely and complying with the necessary regulation yet within accelerated deadlines is critical. Verdex’s experienced team of scientists and researchers help nonwovens companies with every step of the innovation cycle.

Our experts can offer assistance from idea generation and prototype development, through to scale-up and pre-launch product optimisation, to post-launch product monitoring and maintenance.

Are You Continually Innovating

Innovating in the marketplace with new ideas, products and services requires continually improving your current products and developing new products that ensures not only you keep your best customers, but gain new ones in this ever growing competitive landscape.

Verdex professionals can show you how to positively impact your business by using effective Research and Development approaches that will deliver true innovation, generating customer delight and broad acceptance in your markets.

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