Existing Product Development

Existing Product Development

Evolving existing products in lines with a changing market is a common challenge. Nonwoven manufacturers want to create second generation products that are safer, better, last longer or can be produced at a lower cost. Innovating to address these specific challenges is a key discipline.

Verdex’s experienced team of scientists, and researchers help nonwovens companies develop their products.

Re-designing For Claims and New Markets

Organisations wish to change their existing product so that they are able to make a “marketing claim” about it. This could be a cost based claim or a longivity or other consumer perception claim. Similarly, an organisation may wish to introduce a product to a new market and the requirements of that market may require a change to the product make-up.

Working with our product application support team we can identify what needs to change in a product to make it considerably different to meet customer needs, desires and goals, to ensure we de-design the product accordingly.

Working with our product application support team, we can identify the ways in which a product or process needs to change in order to be applicable to a given market and we can re-design accordingly.

Re-designing for Quality and Consistency

Consistently and predictably achieving the highest possible product quality is of critical importance to our clients, whether to protect their brand/ reputation, improve the sustainability of their current products or modify their manufacturing process.

We draw on specialists from across our science and innovation team, leveraging expertise in nonwovens and product development to identify the scientific reasons for variations in product quality and recommend actions to mitigate these.

This can include developing product specifications, implementing and monitoring process changes, identifying and evaluating suppliers and troubleshooting ad-hoc events.

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