Manufacturing Solutions

Manufacturing Solutions

Delivering scale and efficiency to bring your products to market:

Understanding the marketplace and consumers and being able to develop great products in a factory are key contributors to success, but the fact remains that you must be able to deliver effectively in a production environment to truly be successful.

Verdex’s innovation model begins with a keen understanding of global market trends and a sound scientific foundation. Then, using our many years of experience and knowledge in the industry, we help our customers develop great products and processes that meet consumers’ expectations in the industrial nonwovens arena.

But, it’s our ability to deliver efficiently and at scale that continues to set us apart and make us a preferred partner to so many companies – big and small.

Verdex has a comprehensive range of processing capabilities – mimicking both our own production environments as well as those of our customers.

That means, if you can design it, we can make it a reality.

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