Custom Design

Custom Designs

Verdex is a value-added company. We work in the specialty area, providing custom design products. In addition to providing the widest denier range available, we also offer an extended range of polymers that can be spun into fiber, and can incorporate any number of additives or pigments into the fiber to achieve the desired result. Below you can find a few examples of our capabilities. We are not limited to these and are willing to research and experiment to best accommodate your needs.

In Nonwoven Products, Nano-Micro Fibers Translate into:

  • More Smaller Pores
  • More Smaller Pores Leads to Higher Filtration Efficiency & Higher Liquid
  • Barrier with Lower Pressure Drops
  • More Smaller Pores will also Lead to Higher Thermal & Acoustic Barriers

A Few Product Applications are:


  • Air & Liquid Filtration
  • Thermal & Acoustic Barriers
  • Carpet Backing & Matts

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