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Imagine the possibilities with custom tailored nanofiber products and technology provided by Verdex.

Verdex Technologies is more than a nanofiber manufacturer; we are a provider of custom designed solutions intended to solve problems and add value. We have built an exceptionally qualified and experienced team of professionals that support our partners on both the supply and customer sides in the production of quality products and the success of their businesses.

We are problem solvers.

Verdex is proud to serve a variety of industries throughout the world. Our customers include commercial, transportation, carpet manufacturers as well as clients in military, performance apparel, interior furnishings, filtration, geotextile, and medical fields.

This extraordinary level of customer diversity comes from a wide range of products, processes and varied capabilities in industry-leading nonwoven nanotechnology solutions. In addition, Verdex offers its products and processes in multiple core chemistries, including Nylon 6, Nylon 6,6, PTT and PET as well as specialty chemistries such as PBT, PP, N6,10, N12, and PEI. We also offer customized finished products and solutions for highly specialized ready-to-use packages. Our unique processes delivers high performance sustainable technology our customers have come to expect.

Come with us and explore our breadth of products, chemistries, techniques, and capabilities below, and see how we can solve problems as your solutions provider.


Our capabilities and processes are vast. Here is just a sampling of the areas where we are proficient:

  • Verdex can be scaled far greater than electrospinning technologies, and can achieve meltblown production rates or greater.
  • The Verdex process can take a commodity product and make it into a higher value, more profitable, highly effective product for its customers.
  • Throughput escalable to commercial melt blown production rate > 60 kg/m/hr.
  • Very small MD (machine direction) beam footprint enables volume scalability via closely spaced beams in MD.
  • Small MD footprint enables incorporation into existing processes for product value add.
  • Low CapEx.
  • Solvent-Free.
  • Spin multiple polymers.
  • Ability to functionalize fibers.
  • Closely spaced MD beams, coupled with wide range of fiber sizes enables manufacturing of gradient structures.
  • High-Loft, nano-fiber sheet formation leads to superior high-efficiency air filtration media.
  • Wide range of fiber size distributions via simple process changes.
  • Verdex spins nanofibers less than 1 micron.
  • Lower pressure drop & higher dust holding capacity.
Verdex Versatile Fiber Spinning Platform Technology
  • Spin Devices Can Be Designed to Make Wide Width Sheet Products for Nonwovens Industry
  • Technology Can Be Retrofitted Into a Customer’s Plant
  • Polymer and Fluid Operate at Low Pressures
  • Technology Can Be Co-mingled with Spunbond Laydown
  • Other Nano Fiber production methods result in a “coating” of nanofibers in a mono layer
  • This single layer can act as a gas and liquid barrier almost as a film and can result in high resistance to gas or liquid flow in filtration applications
  • Processes capable of Making High Loft, Low Pressure Drop Materials with Powder Functionalization & a Good Degree of Nanofibers
  • Processes Appear to Make Non-Continuous Fibers and Semi-Continuous
  • Fibers
  • Calendaring Can Create GH Range Permeability
Fiber Size Distributions Adjustable via Process Conditions & Polymer MW
If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact us and we will work with you to achieve what you need.

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