Recycling Capabilities

Recycling Capabilities

Verdex Has Successfully Spun Recycled Materials into Nano/Micro Fiber, High Loft Matt & Sheet Products:

  • PET Post-Consumer Recycle
  • Reprocessed PET, Carpet Fiber (Unifi)

Verdex is currently working with 2 of the world’s leading recycling companies to help them turn a product that would normally have been put into landfill, to now turning this material into a high value market product such as high energy filters

Verdex Fiber Pad made using Only Recycled Carpet Fibers

Recycling Markets

Markets for Verdex Recycled PET Nano-Micro Fiber Products

There are three high potential markets based on samples made by Verdex:

1. High Efficiency Air Filters

Verdex Spun Recycled PET Materials have an Exact Fiber Size Match with Micro-Glass Fibers used in High Efficiency Air Filtration
Since the Verdex material has high loft, Verdex Spun Recycled PET Materials have Same Filtration Efficiencies as micro Glass with ½ the Pressure Drop and Twice the Dirt Holding Capacity

2. Thermal & Acoustic Barrier Matts

Nano fibers are known to enhance sound Absorption materials. Since Verdex can spin Nano-Micro Fibers into a High Loft Material at the same time, Verdex is experiencing significant market exposure as the Polymer is recycled (PET).

3. Carpet Backing Material

A Carpet Backing Material could be made by combining “strength fibers” with the recycled Verdex spun PET fibers.

The Patented Verdex spinning process can aspirate high strength filaments from bobbins into the process and random orientate these high strength fibers through the Nano-Micro Fiber Matt.

Fiber Spinning

Unique Capabilities

  • spin range of fiber size distributions by simply varying process parameters
  • attach functionalizing powders while spinning the fibers
  • tailor our processes to client requirements
Polymers spun to date:
PLA, PCL, PeOx, PP, PBT , PVDF, Nylon 66 and blends.


Removal of contaminants such as pesticides and pharmaceutical residuals from drinking water.

Greater efficiency and lower energy input in removing dissolved organics from water than reverse osmosis.

Higher adsorption efficiency at lower pressure drop than traditional ultrafiltration and microfiltration.

Customization opportunity of novel polymers through surface functionalization

HEPA Filters

Replacing Glass Media

  • Polydisperse fiber distribution for structural integrity
  • Single homogeneous layer
  • High efficiency
  • Low Pressure drop
  • High Loft

Verdex (PBT)

Electrolux (Glass)

Molecular Filters

Polydisperse fibers with activated carbon particles immobilized in 3D nanofibrous scaffold

  • High particle loading rate for high capacity
  • Low pressure drop
  • High adsorption rate from finer particles
  • Can use carbon nanoparticles for ultrafiltration

Water Filtration

Hydrophilic functionalized nanofibers

  • Higher efficiency from greater particulate surface area
  • Silver nanoparticles can be added for antibacterial properties
  • Nanofiber membrane sandwiched between microfiber layers

Super Absorbent Materials

Super absorbent polymer powders captured in 3D nanofiber matrix

  • Media can absorb many times its weight in liquid
  • High powder loading
  • Hydrophilic surface functionalization

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