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Round & Linear

These Processes Spin Low Viscosity Polymers into Nano & Micro Fibers, and as such, the Verdex Processes are Perfect for Spinning Recycled Carpet Fibers into Nonwoven Products

No Need to Produce Polymer Pellets – Extruder Feeds Directly into Verdex

Nonwoven Products

In Nonwoven Products, Nano-Micro Fibers Translate into:

  • More Smaller Pores
  • More Smaller Pores Leads to Higher Filtration Efficiency & Higher Liquid Barrier with Lower Pressure Drops
  • More Smaller Pores will also Lead to Higher Thermal & Acoustic Barriers
A Few Product Applications are:
  • Air & Liquid Filtration
  • Thermal & Acoustic Barriers
  • Carpet Backing & Matts

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