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Verdex has developed a revolutionary patented process (Coform®Spinning) that produce’s high performance nanofibers at a rate that’s significantly faster and at a fraction of the cost of all current nanofiber production methods. Below are some of its unique selling points:

Low Cost

  • First process that can produce nanofibers at such a significant cost reduction.
  • Costs 1/10th the cost of competing processes at $1.5/lb. That’s a 1000% markup on existing processes leading to game changing higher profits.
  • Such a dramatic price drop increases production significantly (600x).
  • Low price per lb allows for significant scalability.

High Volumes

  • Process and machine capable of producing 50,000,000m² of product per year which is 50x more product than its closest rival.
  • First process that can produce nanofibers at such significant volumes.
  • Over 600 times faster at 1560kg/day than it’s closest rival at 2.4kg/day.
  • Over 600 times faster, at 1/10th the cost of competing technologies. Process will revolutionize the industry
  • High volume, low costs, takes nanofiber fabrication from the laboratory to the factory floor.

Ability to Functionalize

Functionalization = Ability to Create Disruptive Products from Nanofibers.

Why is being able to functionalize nanofibers important:

  • Enables nanofibers to be impregnated with nanoparticles providing unique functionalities to create completely new innovative next gen disruptive products i.e. Super-Absorbency of liquids – Super Filters, Next Gen Tyvek, Gore-Tex.

What companies are capable of Functionalizing Nanofibers?

  • Verdex Coform®Spinning is currently the only process with the ability to functionalize nanofibers.

Solvent Free Process

Solvent Free Process = Safer, lower cost, simple manufacturing.

Why Does Current Nanofiber Production Require Toxic Solvents?

  • Unavoidable up until now, electrospinning & other leading processes involves the use of toxic, expensive, and complicated solvents to dissolve the polymers before subjecting to a high voltage.

What Are The Benefits Of The Coform®Solvent Free Process?

  • Coform® Solvent Free Process means a safer product and process, allowing for technology disruption in problematic areas in rapidly growing life sciences applications, such as advanced wound dressings, tissue engineering and drug delivery.
  • It’s also significantly cheaper (1/5th the cost), and a significantly less complicated process.

High Profits

  • Changing the Game: Coform®Spinning is the first process that can produce nanofibers at such high volumes and at such lows costs.
  • 1st Year Profits: By implementing the Verdex technology, it can be a positive contributor within 1 year with returns ranging from a very conservative figure of $2MM to a more optimistic $8MM.
  • A sold out production line of 50,000,000m² over 5 years presents an NPV of $110MM.
  • Every additional production line added to manufacturing facility, represents an additional $100MM return per year.

High Quality

Coform®Spinning Produces:

  • High Quality Finer fibers that produce superior, smaller, better fibers than microfibers i.e. 500nm compared to 2-4 microns from melt-blown.

Why Does This Matter? FINER= BETTER FIBERS

Better Fibers Means:

  • Greater structural durability.
  • Softer, loftier fibres.
  • Significantly improved drapeability.
  • Lower air permeability + hydrostatic pressure = improved barrier.
  • Finer fibres produce smaller pores increasing sound absorption in acoustics.

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