Water Filtration

Water Filtration

Verdex Liquid Filter Media is specifically engineered to provide a complete range of nanofiber incorporated liquid filtration medias for microfiltration industry. Driven by advantages of Verdex’s inherent nanofiber process, Co-Form Spinning, our media allows superior filtration efficiency with high flux rates than any other membranes on the market.

Disruptive Technology
Verdex has developed a solvent-free nanofiber spinning process that can be tailored for the manufacture of cartridge or pleated water filters. Contaminant removing absorptive particles can be embedded within the nanofiber filter media during the filter forming process.

Verdex can produce very high quality nanofibers significantly faster than electrospinning, and costs less than current nanofiber technology. Verdex can be scaled far greater than electrospinning technologies, and can achieve meltblown production rates or greater.

Product Advantages:Common Applications:
Functionalized NanofibersWater treatment
High Particle LoadingMedical (blood)
Flat Sheet Media PleatingPetrochemicals
MVTR: 7K~9K g/m²/24hBrewery filtration
Water Pressure (ISO 0811) : 5K mmH₂O Food and beverage processing

Customized Development

Our team of R&D project managers and technicians is devoted to the development of customized products for our business partners from America, Europe and Asia. Our equipment, such as our mini pilot production line, and our test laboratory, give you the assurance of a high-quality product which meets both the requirements of your industry and your own expectations.


You know exactly what your clients need. And you understand the demands of your industry. Pair those insights with our mastery of the development process, and you have a winning equation:

High-performance nonwoven media that exceeds industry standards.

Regardless of the solution or product, our experience guarantees you:

  • Best solution – our unique modeling tool provides a rapid analysis of the parameters in your specifications and quickly points to the optimal combination of fibers.
  • Tailored development – with our small batch and mini-pilot production line, we can quickly prepare custom samples for you.
  • Peace of mind – first-grade fiber from reliable, certified sources.
  • Production quality and diversity – our “green” production lines are operated under the strict principles of the United States GMP standards (“Good Manufacturing Practice”).
  • Flexibility – our products are available with or without reinforcement or finishing.
  • Optimal performance – strict quality control at every stage of production

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