HVAC Filter Technology


HVAC Filter Technology

Verdex HVAC filter technology represents the next evolutionary leap in nanofiber filtration capabilities. Technology features a gradient density & diameter nanofiber layer. This delivers the excellent efficiency and low pressure drop nanofibers are known for, but also provides incredible dust holding capacity for static applications.

The combination of efficiency and high dust holding capacity makes Verdex HVAC filter technology the choice for commercial HVAC or clean room applications. Technology is capable of achieving efficiencies up to e12 or MERV 12-16. With lower pressure drop and none of the heath concerns posed by traditional microglass composite medias, why would you choose anything else?

Disruptive Technology
Verdex’s small pore structure is designed to allow operation of HVAC in the most challenging environments and can be customized to be suitable for any harsh conditions.

Depending on application, the nanofiber layer can be placed on either upstream or downstream surface, or as a middle layer of the composite structure. Verdex HVAC technology is insensitive to humidity, meaning it is able to retains its filtration efficiency and low pressure drop throughout the life of a filter regardless of the temperature and the humidity. Technology is the most innovative and sustainable filtration media across the global HVAC market as previous electrostatic and glass media are abandoned due to environmental and performance concerns.

Product Advantages:Common Applications:
Environmentally Friendly Materials (Glass free & Fluoro free)Industrial HVAC filter
Increased filter life through lower pressure dropClean room: HEPA, ULPA grades
Available for both surface and depth filtrationTransportation
Excellent pleatablility

Customized Development

Our team of R&D project managers and technicians is devoted to the development of customized products for our business partners from America, Europe and Asia. Our equipment, such as our mini pilot production line, and our test laboratory, give you the assurance of a high-quality product which meets both the requirements of your industry and your own expectations.


You know exactly what your clients need. And you understand the demands of your industry. Pair those insights with our mastery of the development process, and you have a winning equation:

High-performance nonwoven media that exceeds industry standards.

Regardless of the solution or product, our experience guarantees you:

  • Best solution – our unique modeling tool provides a rapid analysis of the parameters in your specifications and quickly points to the optimal combination of fibers.
  • Tailored development – with our small batch and mini-pilot production line, we can quickly prepare custom samples for you.
  • Peace of mind – first-grade fiber from reliable, certified sources.
  • Production quality and diversity – our “green” production lines are operated under the strict principles of the United States GMP standards (“Good Manufacturing Practice”).
  • Flexibility – our products are available with or without reinforcement or finishing.
  • Optimal performance – strict quality control at every stage of production

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