Automotive Acoustics

Automotive Acoustics
Verdex’s automotive acoustic technology blocks and absorbs road and structural noise and reduce engine noise in the vehicle’s interior. Our unique testing and development enable us to create the right interior noise solution for our customers. Looking to the future, our technology and expertise are ideal for the move toward electric vehicles (EV). While electric vehicles provide a quieter engine, it often comes at the expense of undesirable noises previously masked by the combustion engine. Verdex’s vehicle acoustic technology can be applied to dash insulators and absorbers, airlay and densified fiber, vertical lapped fiber, mass back extrusion, foam in place and custom sheeting.

Disruptive Technology
Due to more stringent environmental regulations, use of biofuels and cleaner fuels over traditional fossil fuels is increasing. Verdex automotive filtration technology allows cleaner air to enter the engine, allowing efficient engine combustion and maximum protection against dirt particulates and contaminants. At the heart of the technology lies Verdex’s patented nanofiber technology combined with custom-engineered nonwoven substrates as a backer that has been carefully developed to complement the nanofiber. High filtration efficiency, small and uniform pore structure and high dust-holding capacity of Verdex automotive filtration technology has the potential to lead this market by replacing traditional cellulose, glass and meltblown composite filter medias and then being adopted as the most innovative product by many of the world’s renowned engine filter manufacturers.

Product Advantages:Common Applications:
Quieter VehiclesVehicle door panels
Lighter VehiclesHeadliners
Sound absorbing fibersWheel wells
Hydrophobic fibers resist moisture, mold and mildewPillars
Excellent compressionInstrument panels.

Customized Development

Our team of R&D project managers and technicians is devoted to the development of customized products for our business partners from America, Europe and Asia. Our equipment, such as our mini pilot production line, and our test laboratory, give you the assurance of a high-quality product which meets both the requirements of your industry and your own expectations.

Co-Development You know exactly what your clients need. And you understand the demands of your industry. Pair those insights with our mastery of the development process, and you have a winning equation:

High-performance nonwoven media that exceeds industry standards.

Regardless of the solution or product, our experience guarantees you:

  • Best solution – our unique modeling tool provides a rapid analysis of the parameters in your specifications and quickly points to the optimal combination of fibers.
  • Tailored development – with our small batch and mini-pilot production line, we can quickly prepare custom samples for you.
  • Peace of mind – first-grade fiber from reliable, certified sources.
  • Production quality and diversity – our “green” production lines are operated under the strict principles of the United States GMP standards (“Good Manufacturing Practice”).
  • Flexibility – our products are available with or without reinforcement or finishing.
  • Optimal performance – strict quality control at every stage of production

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