Verdex Technologies Inc. has sustainability as its foundation and everything we do is built around green technologies, processes and systems.

We have a duty and responsibility to leave a legacy of leadership, action and innovation in sustainability. Verdex continuously looks to the future and as we do so we are fully committed to reaching far beyond the current capabilities of our products, processes and solutions.

Since inception Verdex has always perused game-changing disruptive opportunities to ensure we set a new level of global change for environmental and social progress. Our aim is to advance the health and safety of the world’s population by leading as an example in the transition to a more sustainable planet and society.

Being driven by our rapidly expanding global population, Verdex ensures we work together to provide innovative technologies, products, processes, systems and solutions where they are most needed.

Verdex has a major focus on employee welfare that we demonstrate through employee health, safety and wellness programs along with a continuous commitment to a working environment that is engaging, inclusive and always empowering.

In each of our designs and processes we are always actively engaged in reducing resources we use to ensure that Verdex has a significant environmental impact through development and design by providing sustainability technology that significantly reduces resources in application.

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