Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Our Mission is to be the leading global innovator and provider of proprietary nanofiber products and technology for a rapidly changing world. Verdex will act in partnership with our customers to fulfill their needs and expectations while achieving mutually profitable results. Verdex will achieve our mission by placing the needs of our customers first, creating technology at the molecular level and fostering continuous improvements in our people, processes and products.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to continually seek out humanities toughest everyday challenges in the industrial nonwovens marketplace so we can provide game changing technologies and products so the world’s population can live a better more sustainable future.

Through continuous research and development Verdex will place itself as the world’s number one nanofiber product and technology supplier to all the leading manufacturers across the globe as well as the domestic market.

Verdex will do this this by maximizing on its talents and expertise to produce products and technologies that has the capability of disrupting each and every relevant market.

With this in mind Verdex is committed to inventing and designing innovate revolutionary nanofiber technology and products for these industries and manufacturers to use so they can improve the way they do things that guarantee a superior product and service to the end user.


Like many professions, the engineering and expertise that goes into each of our products is not always visible from the outside. But that doesn’t stop the world from benefiting from the products and the results we create from our innovative products.

When you see the world through our eyes, through solving, designing and implementing processes and systems for a better world, you will see that what we’re doing is truly unique and you’ll see how Verdex is really making a huge impact on the world with its disruptive technology, processes and systems.

We are continually faced with the biggest engineering challenges that no other company dares to try and solve. Verdex doesn’t make products to compete, Verdex creates products that have their own space, that are truly revolutionary and disruptive. In this way we ensure we’re miles ahead in innovation and design.

Each day brings a new challenge to Verdex and this is what drives the Verdex people and the business as a whole. We’re always looking for new ways to innovate, implementing new technologies, developing new systems and processes, continually collaborating and communicating with our customers to create unique solutions for the problems we encounter.

At Verdex we live and breathe new innovations and it’s on this journey we strive to remain at the forefront in designing disruptive technology for the world to benefit.

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