Core Values

Success Culture:

The creativity and innovation that Verdex presents is a product of the people and the culture who make up Verdex’s solid foundation. Verdex is leading the way to a new transformational change in how industries and manufacturers conduct their business.

In this hectic competitive current environment, businesses use other businesses as a template to emulate, and only too often concentrate on matters that have no real solid worldly impact. This is not the way Verdex conducts its business. Innovation, inspiration, motivation is at the heart of what we do.

Our highly skilled and professional people come together to empower each other to create game changing technology and products that no other business in this field are capable of achieving. Verdex does not accept mediocrity, normal or average and we will not accept anything less than amazing from what we do.

The desire and passion that exists within the Verdex culture makes wonderful things happen. Endless possibilities and world changing technologies and products are what arises making Verdex No.1 in its field. Each person within the Verdex culture shares the same vision and same level of commitment exudes from one and all.

We don’t just design amazing ground breaking technologies but we also design and build on our people and culture to ensure Verdex remains successful and can serve the people of this generation and the next with the best quality products and services.

Expert Team:

It will come as no surprise that in order to create the types of disruptive and ground breaking technologies such as the Verdex products, it takes one serious skilled team to make it a reality.

From our inception we have always focused on building a solid trustworthy skilled workforce that guarantees we remain at the top of our game. We also know that continuous improvement and growth are essential in any corporation. In order to achieve maximum performance from our team and retain our high level of success, empowering our team and inspiring our team is at the forefront of what we do in Verdex.

We know that a happy fulfilled satisfied employee indirectly turns into a happy fulfilled satisfied customer. Everyday there are new challenges within the Verdex group which we have come to expect and each and every new challenge teaches our team, drives our team, grows our team and improves our team.

There are no single players within the Verdex family and we help each other get the very best out of each other. We don’t have to teach our team to think differently or to work hard because this is taken for granted with Verdex. Our thinking differently and smart working creates results and products that form the basis of the Verdex group.

Results Focused:

There is a work smart, not hard ethos within the Verdex organisation. We do not ask any of our team to exert themselves in problems and situations that leads to weakness and unnecessary stress and pressure.

The Verdex work smart not hard ethos ensures the fire of creativity is always alight within our team. Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals and milestones are set so that our brainstorming sessions and workload are fully maximised and results are achieved on a daily basis. We inspire each other within the Verdex organisation and we manage ourselves.

Focusing on results and not the amount of hours spent in each day is how Verdex creates its success. With a results orientated workforce it allows Verdex to achieve better outcomes and achievements continuously while passing this onto our customer quicker and better.

Personal Expression & Innovation:

Leadership is something we instil in all our team here at Verdex. Personal inspiration and motivation is something we all support each other with but it’s not always needed within our team as each individual is already highly impassioned and inspired. We draw from each other these emotions without ever having to ask for it.

Everyone here manages themselves and have taken a winning approach to leadership. With everyone taking a leadership attitude within Verdex everyone leads by example and the results that are created are extraordinary. Personal expression and innovation is encouraged and has become contagious among all of the Verdex team.

For us leadership is not about control and managing others. For us it’s about holding the Verdex vision, then inspiring, encouraging, coaching and playing a pivotal role in getting things done and contributing to winning solutions within the group as a whole.

Expecting Excellence:

Working to the best of our abilities and not wasting a shred of talent or skill to achieve the best possible result in anything and everything that we do is paramount to Verdex’s success. We believe that we each have a responsibility to ourselves, to the company and most importantly to the customer to create products that change people’s lives.

This can only be done when each person involved gives all they possibly can with regards to their talents and skills. In order to achieve excellent within Verdex all of the time we coach, instruct and advise each other on how we can do things better.

No one ever thinks they know it all and each person welcomes constructive criticism and professional advice no matter what the circumstance. This way everyone gets the best out of each other and each person grows and learns and the team becomes stronger as a unit.

Focusing on Customers Deeper Needs:

Our customers are why we exist and they are the reason we do what we do here at Verdex. Our daily focus is to create technologies and products for our customers to surprise and amaze them. When we focus on our customers’ needs and problems we get to design their perfect future as well as ours.

With the support we get from our loyal customers it allows us to design and produce ground breaking technologies that make a real difference and impact on people’s lives. We listen carefully to all our customers in order to find the deep underlying needs, problems and issues that exist to understand fully these examples so we can solve these needs and problems in the true Verdex innovative way.

Inventing Products that are Changing the Future:

At Verdex we don’t just design new technologies that customers want, we invent technologies and products that our customers didn’t know they needed and now cannot live without. As the next generation technology company, Verdex is already leaving its legacy with it revolutionary technology.

We’re creating products that are changing the quality of people’s lives making the world a cleaner, healthier, safer, more sustainable place to live.

There are many examples of new technologies that have completely changed the way people live today that perhaps if talked about some years back might have seemed like a very well thought out dream. But these are now in existence and these are the types of technologies Verdex is currently inventing and presenting to the world.

This is the most exciting time for Verdex and the world. Each and every product we design and innovate will completely change the way you live today for a healthier safer future.

Diversity and Inclusion:

Verdex understands the power that exists in having a fully engaged motivated and inspired team. We know that in order for us to remain at the forefront and to continue our success we must have an empowered highly driven team of employees. Verdex accomplishes this by creating a harmonious and inclusive working environment that attracts, develops and supports a diverse group of outstandingly gifted and driven team of professional employees.

We always refer to all our employees as our team because this is what best describes who we are here at Verdex and how our working environment is shaped. It’s never a one person project in Verdex as we know the power that exists within a collaborative team environment. When we work as a team always leveraging the diverse talents and skills of our group to reach our goals, we produce extraordinary results.

We understand that in order to stay ahead of the competition in a rapidly changing world, we need to continuously change and do things differently. The Verdex team is always working towards the bigger picture and we want to ensure that Verdex makes an impact of unparalleled proportions towards changing the world for the better.

Verdex has made the commitment to develop an inclusive and diverse workforce by continually seeking to attract, develop and retain the brightest and most talented individuals the world as to offer so we can continue to best serve our loyal customers.

Diversification in Verdex’s world means a great deal more than religion, ethnic or nationality difference, race, gender, sexual orientation age and beliefs. Diversity in Verdex encompasses accepting and embracing all differences that will inevitably exist in all our stakeholders that include; our customers, employees, suppliers and the communities in which we serve. Cultures, experiences and the way in which each individual thinks and conducts their business also spells out diversity for Verdex.

To create an inclusive and respectful workforce Verdex embraces the differences that exist within the workplace and appreciates them for what they are. Where each person is inspired to grow and develop their skills and are credited and recognised for their professional contribution to the team. Tunnelling the skillsets and talents of our team and bringing out the very best in each person in our workforce, makes Verdex a totally unique and amazing place to work for everyone involved.

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