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Verdex is the only company in the world to truly mass produce nanofibers using proprietary nanofiber technology. With our leading technology, Verdex produces the highest quality nanofiber products and technology for numerous applications such as engine filters, liquid filters, industrial air filters, waterproof and breathable technical textiles, face mask and more. We are pioneering the world as a global leader in filtration and automotive industries for nanofibers.

We are dedicated to improving the quality of life with our nanofiber products.

We’re In The Nano Business

Our first commercialization of functional nanofibers has been applied to industrial filters, which has now expanded to areas such as technical textiles, automotive products and various applications.

Verdex commits itself to meeting demands of its customers
to maximise their profitability, productivity and end product


Verdex Technology Inc. is a Richmond, Virginia-based technology multi-disciplined inventor and producer of state of the art revolutionary and game changing nanofiber technology. With proprietary nanofiber technology at its foundation, providing precision engineering solutions and systems, Verdex creates disruptive innovative products and technology for the industrial filtration, automotive, textile, pharmaceutical, food and domestic markets.

Verdex Technology Inc. prides itself with having the top engineering specialists who provide solutions to the vast engineering and manufacturing challenges that exist today and in the future.

With a broad range of core technologies, while implementing revolutionary designs and innovation, Verdex has placed itself at the forefront of new game changing technologies for a rapidly changing world.

Having customers as a priority, Verdex is always striving to be the leading player in emerging technologies and products so it can guarantee it is at the cutting edge of future technology development and innovation.

The world is changing rapidly bringing with it various new technology struggles and challenges in which Verdex finds itself excellently positioned to innovate and produce technology that revolutionizes the way the future unfolds.

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