The newest disruptive nanofiber
technology from Verdex.


Customized nanofiber solutions to meet
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Using cutting-edge technologies
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The Newest Disruptive Nanofiber Technology from Verdex

Who Is Verdex

Verdex is a technology company specializing in mass production of nanofibers for extensive end use applications including: air and microfiltration media, high efficiency fuel filtration, advanced filtration, microporous breathable films, micron rated venting films, life sciences/pharmaceutical medias, acoustics, face masks, performance apparel and much more.

Verdex has the ability to spin polymers such as PCL, PLA, PP, PET, PBT, Nylon 66, and possible others if melt viscosity is low. This versatility combined with a unique ability to simultaneously spin multiple polymers without using solvents provides unprecedented flexibility.

With a broad range of core technologies, while implementing revolutionary designs and innovation, Verdex has placed itself at the forefront of new game changing technologies for a rapidly changing world.

Working Together

The company does extensive custom development and manufacturing for industry partners wanting proprietary nanofiber technologies for specific applications and industries.

Owning an extensive trade secret portfolio for its process, along with numerous patents and pending for products, Verdex is now developing relationships with companies, industries and markets that can benefit from our very unique technology skill set. If you have an idea or unmet need, we welcome you to challenge our engineering team to develop and manufacture a proprietary application for your company.

Nanotechnology Specialists

Specialising in the design and development of commercial scale technologies, processes and solutions of advanced performance nonwoven nanofiber materials.

Verdex unlocks the enormous potential of nanofibers through the innovative development and commercial scale manufacture of advanced performance nanofiber materials.

Our scalable technology platform for mass production of nanofiber media makes it possible (and commercially feasible) to spin nanofiber materials from many different natural and synthetic, polymers and create multi-layered or blended fiber materials easily and cost-effectively on a commercial scale.

Talk to us and turn your great nanofiber concept into a commercial reality.

Talk to us and turn your great nanofiber concept into a commercial reality.

Developing proprietary nanotechnology processes and solutions at the cutting edge of nanoscience requires the ability to innovate and adjust in a rapidly changing environment.

At Verdex we help our customers develop new nanofiber product concepts, and bring commercial scale to existing concepts that until now have only been possible at lab-scale.

Our professional team of scientists and executives are devoted to building long-term partnerships with our clients.

Partner With Us

Verdex is currently seeking strategic partners in a multitude of industries. Our objective is to leverage unique nanofiber technologies to provide partners a sustainable competitive advantage within their market. Contrary to other media manufactures with limited understanding of commercial viability, Verdex specializes in fast tracking new technologies to market. We have dedicated prototyping lines with in-house laboratory and analytics to support research areas.

Verdex’s team is fanatical about solving industry problems, and we love the opportunity to tackle new challenges. If you feel nanofibers could benefit your business, please reach out to us to discuss what solutions we could provide.

Examples of industries Verdex is actively participating in or researching for include:

• Air Filtration
• Automotive/Transportation
• Microfiltration
• Life Sciences/Pharmaceuticals/Biotechnology
• High Efficiency Fuel Filtration
• Liquid Filtration
• Insulation (acoustic & electric)
• Military
• Consumer Products & Personal Hygiene
• Food/Beverage
• Apparel


With a wide diversity of nonwoven fabrics Verdex technology can be applied in many sectors. We are always interested in developing new or improved materials for our customers.


Every organisation manages its infrastructure in the way that suits its business and technology strategy. Verdex has been built to be adaptable and scalable to solve the range of challenges being met by large organisations and start-ups.

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